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Overview & History.

When safety and integrity are PARAMOUNT, trust the experts.

Paramount Structures Inc. (PSI) is a Canadian Aboriginally-owned and certified business located in the Calgary, Alberta area. With over 13 years of industry expertise, we focus on quality, safety, environment and innovation to deliver a wide range of high performance building envelopes (HPBEs) tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our innovative industrial materials and expertise assist in minimizing buildings’ carbon footprint. We do this by utilizing green infrastructure that is durable and customizable. When safety and integrity are PARAMOUNT, trust the experts.

MISSION: To build better buildings.

VISION: We will be the North American leading supplier and builder of eco-friendly high performance building envelopes.

VALUES: Safety, Employees and Environment.

We are committed to delivering safe, durable and survivable environments for the occupants and assets in our buildings. We do this by utilizing innovative, eco-friendly and energy efficient construction materials, while providing superior value and quality to our clients and their employees.


PSI was founded in 2006 after the fatal March 23, 2005 BP Texas City explosion and fires that caused the loss of 15 lives, injuring 180 onsite workers and resulting in financial losses exceeding $1.5 billion. This catastrophic event spurred PSI to design, engineer and manufacture blast resistant modules (BRMs) to the highest standards to provide the maximum protection for employees in the event of another work site explosion, fire or toxic gas release.

PSI’s service offerings have since expanded to include commercial, industrial, residential and cannabis construction services, in addition to BRMs, that provide safe, durable, and customizable buildings.

Let’s Talk about Building Solutions

Buildings where occupants may be unfamiliar with their surroundings or need extra time to evacuate in an emergency – such as hospitals, schools, elder care facilities, movie theatres – make Paramount Structure’s HPBEs the ideal building solution of choice.