PSI - Protecting the most valuable commodity … People

PSI's “Plan - Do - Check - Act” Program is a program built for the protection of your most valuable commodity - people. This program demands us to never stop, never stop improving, never stop evolving and never stop solving industries largest risks. Our leadership team is committed to the safety of your employees, contractors, clients and visitors to ensure they go home safely to their families every day.

Providing safe and healthful working conditions and implementing safe work practices that protect employees and others at work locations is a value that is very important to all of us. No task or work process that we perform is so important that we cannot devote the necessary time and resources to do it safely.

We recognize that accident prevention, productivity and quality of performance go hand in hand, and that safety is an integral part of all activities. All employees, regardless of the capacity in which they work, assume responsibility for safety awareness and consciousness. This responsibility is met by maintaining safe conditions and performing duties in accordance with safe work practices. We all play a significant role in looking out for ourselves and others.

The safety & health of employees and others at work locations are of paramount importance. Working safely and preventing accidents are key indicators that we use to measure our performance.

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