The Beginning of Blast Resistant Modules and Structures

PSI is leading the way creating new standards for the BRM industry. For a one-on-one consultation or group “Lunch & Learn” on Blast Resistant Structures and how to improve the safety of your worksites, please contact us.

Spurred on by the fatal Texas City explosion of 2005 where 15 people lost their lives and 180 were injured, Paramount Structures designed, engineered and manufactured Blast Resistant Modular Structures to the highest standards in quality to allow for maximum protection form potential explosions, fire and toxic gas release hazards. These blast resistant buildings and modular structures are developed for refineries, petro-chemical and chemical operations, natural gas liquids extraction plants and other facilities or sites subject to a catastrophic explosion, fire or toxic gas release.

This picture was taken after the 2005 BP Texas City blast that resulted in the loss of 15 lives, injuring 180 others and resulting in financial losses exceeding $1.5 billion. Note the buildings circled in red which were reported to be 8PSI Blast Resistant Modules (BRM’s).

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