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Blast Resistant Modules (BRMs).

When safety and integrity are PARAMOUNT, trust the experts.

World Class Blast Resistant Modules

Paramount Structures Inc. (PSI) is committed to delivering safe, durable and survivable environments for the occupants and assets in our blast resistant modules (BRMs).

PSI pioneered the blast resistant module industry in Canada. We were the first to develop BRMs and have remained industry leaders through continual re-investment in structural engineering and product durability improvements leading to increased employee confidence in their work environment’s comfort, safety and survivability.

By investing in a BRM, our clients immediately benefit from PSI’s superior quality and value. Allow us to provide your business with the safest modular solution in the industry.

Paramount Structures Blast Resistant Modules - Canada Blast

BRMs are ideal for high risk areas or modular building needs such as:

Control Rooms

Protect your ability to control your facility in the event of an explosion or emergency

Operation Shelters, Muster Points

Give your employees a safer place to escape to

Motor Control Centre, Electrical Buildings

Protect critical electrical components and connections

Laboratories, Testing Facilities

BRMs not only protect from blasts outside the structure, the help to contain blasts that may occur inside the structure

Camp Housing

Great for permanent or temporary camps in remote areas; Can be repeatedly mobilized and de-mobilized without seeing the typical stress defects that other thin-skinned, wood framed modular buildings experience.

Security Offices/Kiosks

protect security personal, security footage and recording equipment

Emergency Response Centre

protect the building that houses all of your emergency response equipment

Office Buildings

fire resistance equals more time for occupants to evacuate in emergencies

Lunch Trailers

protect employees in high traffic, dense common areas

Tool Cribs

protect your high-value hard assets from fire and theft

Buildings in Remote or Climate-Challenged Areas

the high-strength steel skid chassis creating the foundation for our BRMs can withstand higher stresses of rough-terrain transport than traditional thin-skin, wood-framed modulars.

Triage Centres

provide a safe and secure place for medical treatment if an emergency occurs

Superior Standards

Our BRMs are built to strict manufacturing standards and guidelines that meet:

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA), S850-12 compliant
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), code 496
  • American Petroleum Industry (API), recommended practice 753
  • Canadian Welding Board
  • Superior HVAC systems and expertise
  • Blast resistant doors and windows

Setting standards with innovative solutions logo-bakerrisk

For nearly thirty years, Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. (BakerRisk) has provided quality engineering, R&D, investigation, and field testing services to industries and government agencies handling explosive, flammable and toxic materials.

PSI / BakerRisk allows our clients to benefit from our combined knowledge and experience, innovative research, and unique engineering capabilities. Together, we can help clients understand and prioritize their risks, and offer cost-effective blast resistant structural solutions to manage them.

1 to 8

The industry has had very limited options in the past with a standard 8 PSI blast protection rating even though the majority of customers only require a 1 to 5 PSI building. Working with BakerRisk we have revolutionized the industry offering customers a 1 to 8 PSI solution.

PSI Blast Resistance (max)
(MS) Blast Duration

Multiple Floor Plan Options

Let’s Talk about Building Solutions

We offer multiple building solutions available to meet your project needs. Ask us about our custom design-build solution, turn-key purchase, lease or rental options.