Paramount Structures Inc. (PSI) manufactures Blast Resistant Modules

Without BRM’s, on-site employees working in these industries have to be transported in and out of blast zones in order to break for lunch, use washroom facilities, approve permits and receive lab test results etc.A disadvantage for the company is that employees are compensated for a full work day but do not get a full days productivity. Furthermore the employees endure the inconvenience and safety risk of having to be moved in and out of blast and toxic gas release zones.

PSI’s BRM’s eliminate these concerns. Employees report that working in PSI’s modern, appealing and comfortable blast resistant modules gives them a sense of security and allows them to work more productively.

Building for More Than Blast Resistance

At Paramount Structures we build the finest blast resistant structures that meet the strict standards of CSA, NFPA 496, CWB and follow the guidelines of API RP 752 & 753. With that said, PSI understands the need to not only build quality blast resistant structures, but build custom modular buildings and structures that improve day to day operations, productivity and enhance the well-being of workers. That’s why PSI has designed blast resistant modular buildings and structures with many features not commonly found on standard modular buildings and worksite structures.

Benefits of PSI’s structures over other modular products:

  • Durable "built-to-last" 30 to 40 year life
  • Fire Resistant
  • Mold Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Green Technology

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